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Find The Easy Pass – Hackthebox Challenge

Find The Easy Pass

Find The Easy Pass challenge is part of the Beginners track on hackthebox

Download the file and executed it

Find The Easy Pass

No matter what we are filling in it will come back with Wrong Password! box. We need to reverse engineer this. Reverse engineering a program just comes down to using the right tools and knowing how to use it. I have search for a program to use for this challenges and came across the Immunity Debugger

Download the Immunity Debugger and open it

File -> open and select the easypass.exe file

Debug -> Run

Enter a password and press enter. The only lead we have is the string Wrong Password!

In the debugger in the most right upper box. Right click -> search for -> all referenced text strings

Find The Easy Pass
Find The Easy Pass

Now we have another string to look for or follow. “Good job, Congratulations”

Double click on it and it will bring you back the the first screen but now to the point where the string is found. Right above You see the word Call. Right click on it and select Breakpoint – Toggle. This will stop the program at the point of verification

Reverse engineer

Now fill a password again press check password. It will jump out. When it does look at the upp right screen

Reverse engineer

Notice an other word. Try it as a password

Reverse engineer

Now you can enter the flag and complete challenge.

Conclusion Find The Easy Pass Challange

I like these kind of challenges but the downside is you need to know the right tools and how to use them. But that is why I learned something new every day. and use google allot to solve all these challenges

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