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Sysinternals on Tryhackme

This is the write up for the room Sysinternals on Tryhackme and it is part of the Tryhackme Cyber Defense Path

Make connection with VPN or use the attack box on Tryhackme site to connect to the Tryhackme lab environment

TASK Sysinternals

Task 1

Start the machine attached to this task then read all that is in this task. Use the tool Remina to connect with an RDP session to the Machine.

Core Windows Processes
Core Windows Processes

When asked to accept the certificate press yes

1.1 When did Microsoft acquire the Sysinternals tools?

Answer: 2005

Task 2

Read all that is in this task and make not of the download URL

The Sysinternal tools are already installed on the VM. Under c:\tools\sysint

2.1 What is the last tool listed within the Sysinternals Suite?

open the download URL and scroll all the way down to the last tool

Answer: zoomit

Task 3

Open a Privledge CMD and type in the following commands

get-service webclient
start-service webclient
get-service webclient
Control.exe /name Microsoft.NetworkAndSharingCenter

Change advanced sharing setting and select Turn on network discovery

You can now run the tools directly from \\\tools\

3.1 What service needs to be enabled on the local host to interact with

Answer: Webclient

Task 4

4.1 There is a txt file on the desktop named file.txt. Using one of the three discussed tools in this task, what is the text within the ADS?

Open a cmd and type in the following

cd desktop
stream file.txt

notice there is an ads.txt inside

type in notepad file.txt:ads.txt
Answer: I am hiding in the stream.

Task 5

Read all that is in this task

5.1 Using WHOIS tools, what is the ISP/Organization for the remote address in the screenshots above?

whois -v <IP>

It is not giving any result but navigating to the below website we see the organization. For whois is best to use online tools IP Address Whois |

Answer: Microsoft Corporation

Task 6

Read all that is in this task and start autoruns and click on the Image Hijacks tab

Sysinternals on Tryhackme

6.1  What entry was updated?

Answer: taskmgr.exe

6.2  What entry was updated?

Answer: c:\tools\sysint\procexp.exe

Task 7

Read all that is in this task and press complete

Task 8

Read all that is in this task and press complete

Task 9

Read all that is in the task

9.1 Run the Strings tool on ZoomIt.exe. What is the full path to the .pdb file?

Type in the following command

strings .\zoomit.exe | findstr /i .pdb
Sysinternals on Tryhackme
Answer: C:\agent_work\112\s\Win32\Release\ZoomIt.pdb

Task 10

Read all that is in this task and press complete

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