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Owasp juice shop guide

Install OWASP Juice Shop on HyperV

The OWASP juice shop is a very vulnerable website with challenges. Juice Shop encompasses vulnerabilities from the entire OWASP Top Ten along with many other security flaws found in real-world applications! In this guide we will Install OWASP Juice Shop on HyperV. We will first install a Ubuntu Linux system on a VM and then Install the juice shop on top of that

Download Ubuntu here Download Ubuntu Desktop | Download | Ubuntu

Now lets get started to Install OWASP Juice Shop

HyperV Installation

I presume you know how to install HyperV on your machine. If not then follow the guide written by Microsoft to activate HyperV on your machine Enable Hyper-V on Windows 10 | Microsoft Docs

Once done start the HyperV console

Create a virtual switch

Inside the console on the right side click on Virtual Switch Manager and create a new External Switch. Just call it external

Install OWASP Juice Shop on HyperV

Connect it to the right NIC and press Ok

Install OWASP Juice Shop on HyperV

I’m choosing for an external switch because My kali machine is on an other laptop. This way it is available for the entire network

Creating an VM

Once done create a new VM. We will go for a generation 1 VM

Install OWASP Juice Shop on HyperV
Install OWASP Juice Shop on HyperV
Install OWASP Juice Shop on HyperV

Make sure you turn on Dynamic memory. If it needs more and there is more it will take more

Install OWASP Juice Shop on HyperV

Select the network we just added

Install OWASP Juice Shop on HyperV

Click next

Install OWASP Juice Shop on HyperV

Select the downloaded ISO and click next then finish

You now have a VM. Right click on it and select connect. Now press start and select UBUNTU to start the installation

Installing UBUNTU

Once everything is started up you get a menu. Now we are going to install the minimum to get started

Ubuntu installation

Press instsall Ubunto

Ubuntu installation

Select the correct keyboard layout

Ubuntu installation

Minimal installation

Ubuntu installation

Erase disk and press install now and press continue when asked

Ubuntu installation

Create a user and press Continue. It will now install

After installation log into the system and start a terminal

Type in the following

sudo apt install net-tools
sudo apt install git
sudo apt install npm

Installing OWASP Juice Shop

We are not going to install it in a docker as I want full potential of all challenges

The installation steps are also found here GitHub – bkimminich/juice-shop: OWASP Juice Shop

Install node.js by typing in terminal  sudo apt install nodejs
Run git clone 
Go into the cloned folder with cd juice-shop
Run npm install (only has to be done before first start or when you change the source code)
Run npm start
Browse to http://localhost:3000
OWASP juice shop installed

If you want to connect to it from an other machine on the network than change localhost with the IP of the VM running the juiceshop.

Now create a snapshot so you can always revert back to a clean juice shop

This conclude the installation of juice shop on ubuntu with HyperV. I’m sure we can run it in a smaller Linux distribution but for now this is working for me

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