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Linux Fundamentals Part 1

This is a write up for the room Linux Fundamentals Part 1 on

Make connection with VPN or use the attackbox on Tryhackme site to connect to the Tryhackme lab enviroment

First deploy the machine attached to the room. The IP of room will be visible at the top of the page once the machine is booted

Linux Fundamentals deploy VM

Once deployed connect to the machine with the given credentials in task 1

Linux Fundamentals man command

Task 2:

Read and press complete

Task 3:

Same as task 2

Task 4:

Read and type in the answer found in the text

echo -n helllo

answer task 4

Task 5:.

The first answer can be found in the text of task 5

answer task 5

The second answer can be found by typing man ls and scrolling a bit down

Linux Fundamentals ls command
answer task 5

Task 6:

The answer can be found in the output in this task or by typing cat –help in the terminal

Linux Fundamentals cat command

Task 7: To progress read and press complete

Task 8:

The answers are actually in the questions

answers task 8

Task 9:

So we need to create a file called noot.txt and then run the binary file in that directory. So we can get the password for the next user for the next section

answer task 9

Task 10:

The answer here is in the man pages of su

type man su to and find the right parameter

Linux Fundamentals su command
answer task 10.1

Progress to the next user by typing su shiba2 and when ask for the password use the password in task 9

Task 11:

In this task just read and press complete and remember the password for the next room. We will need it

answer task 11

What have we learned in Linux Fundamentals part 1

We have learned the following commands:

echo to echo to screen what ever comes after echo
man – Example: man echo
cat – Output whatever is in the file to the screen
ls – List directory and see files inside directory
touch – Create a file
su – Change users

And running a Binary with ./

Now continue to Linux Fundamentals Part 2

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