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Windows Fundamentals 1 tryhackme

Windows Fundamentals 1 on Tryhackme

This is the write up for the room Windows Fundamentals 1 on Tryhackme and it is part of the complete beginners path

Make a connection with VPN or use the attack box on Tryhackme site to connect to the Tryhackme lab environment.

Tasks Windows Fundamentals 1

Task 1

Start the machine attached to this room. To connect to it from Kali Linux we are using the program Remmina. If you do not have it you can install it by typing the following command

apt install remmina

Once Remmina is started press the plus sign in the upper left corner and fill in the information as below ( Do change the IP )

Remmina remote desktop

Click yes when asked to accept the certificate

Task 2

2.1 What encryption can you enable on Pro that you can’t enable in Home?

Answer: Bitlocker

Task 3

To answer the questions right click on the taskbar

3.1 Which selection will hide/disable the Search box?

Windows Fundamentals 1 tryhackme
Answer: Hidden

3.2 Which selection will hide/disable the Task View button?

Answer: show task view button

3.3 Besides Clock, Volume, and Network, what other icon is visible in the Notification Area?

Windows Fundamentals 1 tryhackme
Answer: Action Center

Task 4

Read all that is in this task

4.1 What is the meaning of NTFS?

Answer: New Technology File System

Task 5

5.1 What is the system variable for the Windows folder?

Answer: %windir%

Task 6

Open computer management by right click on the Windows Icon / start menu

Windows Fundamentals 1 tryhackme

6.1 What is the name of the other user account?

Computer management user accounts
Answer: tryhackmebilly

6.2 What groups is this user a member of?

Dubble click on the user and select tab member of

Answer: remote desktop users,users

6.3 What built-in account is for guest access to the computer?

Answer: guest

6.4 What is the account status?

Answer: Account is disabled

Task 7

7.1 What does UAC mean?

Answer: User Acces Control

Task 8

8.1 In the Control Panel, change the view to Small icons. What is the last setting in the Control Panel view?

Answer: Windows Defender Firewall

Task 9

9.1 What is the keyboard shortcut to open Task Manager?

I did not know this one so I googled it

Windows Fundamentals 1 tryhackme
Answer: Ctrl+Shift+Esc

Task 10

Read all that is in the task and press complete to finish the room

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